extended flap

The Extended Flap Reply Envelope is a Direct Mail tool designed to produce an easy to complete response from the recipient. The sealing flap has an extended tear-off leaf that can be used as a mini-form for the respondent to complete and tear off along the perforation, and place into the reply envelope. It is a cost effective way to improve response rates, and is ideal for any campaign where you wish to receive a tangible response from your customer.


Effective way to increase the response rates for a Direct Mail campaign.

Can be produced on any stock from 80 to 130GSM.

Can be printed on both sides using up to multi-colour Flexo, or multi-colour Litho.

Our production capabilities ensure short turnaround timelines.

Templates are available for download to show print-free areas required for envelope production.

These Extended Flap reply envelopes are ideal for campaigns involving donations, surveys, or where feedback is required.

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