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With more print space than the extended flap, the Four Page Flyer replier is a booklet that incorporates a tear off leaf that fits neatly into the attached reply paid envelope.

The Flyer Replier is an all-inclusive mail piece which incorporates an envelope, information booklet, tear-off leaf, and reply mechanism. The simplistic design of a tear-off leaf that fits into the accompanying reply envelope, while the recipient retains the information booklet, means that this Direct mail tool is excellent for increasing response rates.



Can be produced on a range of paper stock from 90 to 150GSM.

The tear-off leaf can be a different stock to the paper used on the cover.

Printing can be done in range of processes including multi-colour Flexo through to multi-colour Litho.

Available with either a 4 or 8 page information booklet.

Standard size InDesign templates are available, however we can also customise a template to suit your requirements.


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