preprinted envelope

Camerons can produce a large range of full colour customised envelopes, with few design restrictions and a superb print quality, to create an envelope that is unique to your business. By converting high-quality offset printed flat sheets into envelopes, we are able offer a cost effective solution for your Direct Mail needs.

Our production capabilities allow us to offer Full Colour Envelopes in a range of quantities, on a range of coated and uncoated stock, with multiple window options – allowing you to have maximum creative impact with your Direct Mail.



Can cost effectively produce a range of quantities to suit your needs.

Full Colour Envelopes can come in a range of stocks – either uncoated (100-135GSM) or coated (100-170GSM).

Multiple window configurations available.

Production capabilities mean typical turnaround in just five days.

Creates a unique impression to capture the attention of your recipient.

Flat-sheet conversion into envelopes can be a more effective and economical solution, when compared to overprinting.

We can also take pre-printed flat sheet supplied by a third party, and convert them into envelopes.


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