Australia Post – Unaddressed Mail

Unaddressed mail is the perfect way to reach postential customers when you don’t have much of a database. Australia Post offers this option as the low cost mailing option.

Items can be sent nationwide, or can target your local area via postcode distribution.

Read more on the Unaddressed Mail option here.



How to use coupons and vouchers to promote your business

Everyone loves a special offer, whether it be a discount, a value-add or something free. We all love getting something extra for nothing, feeling a bit special or ‘saving’ money.

This is why vouchers and coupons are a great way to build loyalty within your existing customer database, or to grab the attention of new potential customers.

So how do you use vouchers and coupons to promote your business?


Know what your customer wants

Knowing what sort of discount or special offer your customer wants will help you with your marketing. Are they money focused and so would prefer a $20 discount voucher? Or do they love a good value-add, for example – your customers are quite happy to purchase a service and get something else on top such as a free wax with their car wash?

Maybe they prefer the free option and respond well to campaigns that reward the customer for telling a friend about your service – a big example of this is offering a free session with a personal trainer if a friend signs up with the same gym.

Testing exactly what your customer wants, or is more likely to respond to, means you are going to get more bang for your buck. Do the legwork and the research and your campaign will work harder for you.


Buddy up

In this day and age, there are so many other small businesses looking for new customers. A great way to capitalise on this is to approach other organisations about offering each others services as a bonus to yours.

For example, you could promote both businesses by offering the following coupon:

Eat at XYZ Restaurant this month and receive a free bottle of ABC wine.

This allows the restaurant and the wine maker to tap into both customer databases, extend their sales reach and increase brand recognition. Your customers are happy and will recommend the offer to their circle of friends, generating new leads for both businesses.


Early bird discounts

You know how the saying goes – The early bird gets the worm. Well, the early bird can also be rewarded with a discounted price.

Not only does this encourage potential leads to make a purchase decision, it also allows you to benefit from increased cash flow and better resource management.

Travel companies use this strategy very well, as they are know for offering early bird specials for holidays due to take place in the following year, or discounted airfares for flights booked months in advance. These marketing methods can enable you with ability to prior plan your events, and prompts clients to book in advance



While we might not admit it, we all like to feel special. Receiving a personally addressed piece of mail with the words ‘Exclusive to VIP Customers only’ certainly gives us a thrill. That feeling of being privy to something exclusive is a powerful emotion that has been leveraged by marketing professionals for years.

Consider creating a VIP customer database for frequenters of your business. They could receive special offers, vouchers and coupons just for signing up for them. This creates loyalty, increases purchasing activity and also word-of-mouth for your bonus offers. Most customers can’t resist a bit of bragging when they are on a good thing!



If you’ve already got a captivated audience and customers buying your product or service from you, it’s much more cost effective to market to them. Improve the average spend of your current customers through the use of vouchers or coupons. Think about what they have purchased and the next element you can upsell to them.

It doesn’t have to be a large item, but something easy that doesn’t take a lot of decision making to purchase. This is called the Point Of Sale (POS) items in your local supermarket – those tempting chocolate bars as you wait for your shopping to be scanned and are so hard to resist


So how do you take advantage of this marketing process?

Make it a super simple process for your customer and your business by incorporating the voucher into a direct mail marketing piece. Have a look at our Offerlope Envelopes as an example.

The Offerlope is an envelope with a removable panel that can be used as a redemption voucher or reveals a hidden message for a promotion. It is a simple method to implement from a production point of view and is an inexpensive way to leverage your mail costs.

Remember it all comes down to honing in on your ideal clients needs for each campaign. You can be as creative and clever as you like, but if the information is landing in the wrong person’s letterbox, it won’t mean a thing. Research and customer relationship management is the key to success.


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Media channels & their effectiveness – Australia Post White Paper

Australia Post has recently released a white paper on their findings surrounding how Australian consumers want to hear from brands, and how they receive marketing efforts.

Based on a survey of 9,000+ consumers (during July 2013) and raising questions surrounding which are the most effective channels for promotional advertising, and which avenues were perceived as useful for interacting with business.

The results raised the question as to whether marketers shared a similar view to consumers. To investigate further, Australia Post teamed up with Marketing magazine to find out the beliefs held by more than 300 Australian marketers as to which communications channels are preferred by consumers.

To review the findings you can download the full report here.

Australia Post – Bulk Mail Services

Did you know that if you are sending over 300 letters at a time with Australia Post, you may be eligible for a discount through their bulk mail services?

For more information on which bulk mail service will suit your needs, letter size guides, and bulk mail delivery standards, simply click here to read more directly from their website.

View the Australia Post Bulk Mail – At A Glance poster for a quick view on which mailing options is right for you.

10 ways to increase brand awareness for your business

Do you want your business to be seen in today’s day and age? Well, it is all about targeting your audience and capturing their attention. But, then how do you convert this into sales?

Follow these tips to improve branding awareness for your business and start to see your client list evolve.

1. Optimise your website for your target market.

Ensuring your website is optimised for search engines should be one of the first things you check. Make sure you research keywords and insert them into your pages to drive traffic to your business online.

2. Your website should be your ‘home’ of branding.

Once your potential clients act on your marketing campaign whether it be from print or online, they will connect with your website next. Having your website as the hub for your brand marketing is the most important step you will take.

3. Use the same logo, colours and fonts in all future marketing media.

Consistency is key. Streamline all of your marketing materials by using consistent branding across all platforms. This will allow your target market to recognise you instantly, whichever way they connect with you.

4. Tell your story – why you are in business and how your business came to be.

Your clients and customers want to know who you are, why you do what you do, and how you came into business. They want to like you, and be able to trust you. Your market needs to meet the person behind the brand, before they will buy what you are promoting.

5. Make sure you work to keep your name in front of your market.

‘Out of sight, out of mind’, right? This also applies in business. If your market can’t see you or your brand on a regular basis, you won’t be at the forefront of their mind when it comes to needing your services.

6. Provide hints & tips for the clients on your database.

Send newsletters with helpful information through to your database either in print or via email. Keep in regular touch with your potential clients, and show them you are the key person in your field with expertise and knowledge.

7. Increase your content output.

Link your newsletter back to your website to allow your market to connect with you on several platforms. Create a blog, write articles, use this content to increase your brand awareness online as well as in print.

8. Use social media.

You can carry you brand further by using just a few social media outlets. Think about where your target market visits and target those social media outlets with your marketing.

9. Think about multiple content platforms to distribute your branding.

Have you thought about using video as a way to get your content out to your customers? Maybe podcasts would reach your market easier. With technology at our fingertips, there are endless possibilities.

10. Sponsor an event.

There is no better way to get your branding out to a wider audience than to sponsor an event. All those in the database of the event holders and any other sponsors will then see your logo in all marketing materials distributed.

Why use print media in your marketing strategy?

There is no doubt we are in the digital age, and with technology growing at such a fast rate, the phrase ‘print is dead’ can be heard far and wide.

But the truth is, print is not dead. It is in fact thriving, and increasing alongside digital media. And here is why.

1. Mail is exciting

Going to the letterbox and finding mail is now more exciting for consumers than receiving an email. Print marketing is much more attention grabbing than it was in the past. You will find there is less competition with most businesses choosing only to send e-newsletters to their database as a cost saving option. Sale notifications are posted via social media channels or only available to those who register their email on the website.

2. Green is in

Can you believe that print is actually a greener option? It is the only medium that produces a one-time carbon footprint. Think about it, once you print something it is no longer going to use any more carbon energy. Other forms of media will require energy every time it is viewed from a media device.

3. Print is physical

Everyone just loves ‘thud’ value. Thud value is that feeling you get when you drop a magazine, newspaper or stack of envelopes down on the kitchen table or office desk. We crave it. And whilst we can scroll or flick past articles quite quickly on our phones or tablets, tangible print items in our homes can stick around for some time and be viewed all year round.

4. You can ‘unplug’

We are experiencing such a high rate of technology based communication that there is a major move to unplug, or disconnect, from all of the technology that surrounds us. Enter a relaxing Sunday afternoon reading a magazine, or paper, with your drink of choice as you enjoy the quiet.

5. Print + Digital = Gold

Integration of print mail marketing alongside a digital promotion campaign will create your strongest marketing strategy. This will drive your target market to your website and sales events to take advantage of your offerings, producing more effective results than digital alone.

Whilst marketing to your customers comes in all forms, using print marketing plays an important role in connecting with your potential customers.

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