Clark Cameron | CEO

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Clark has been a part of The Camerons Group his entire working career. Starting out in production, Clark then moved onto running the equipment, and was then prompted to Production Manager. As his next career title, Clark stepped into the role of General Manager, before entering into his current role as CEO.



Troy Cameron | General Manager

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Like his father, Troy also worked his way through production, running equipment, and managing production. He then tried his hand as Sales Manager before taking over from Clark in the role of General Manager.


 Steve McCarthy | IT Manager

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Steve has spent the last 22 years helping to develop The Camerons Group technological systems to keep up with production demands and specialised system requirements.

When Steve is not responsible for the management of our technology, he spends his time delving in his keen interest for aviation. 



Steve Egan | Senior Account Manager

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Steve Egan has been a long standing employee, having worked within the company for the last 32 years, and is currently our Senior Account Manager.

In his spare time, Steve enjoys riding his motorbike, playing golf and gardening.



Danielle Bray | Scheduling Manager

We have been lucky enough to have Danielle as part of the woodwork for the past 21 years. During this time Danielle has taken on the task of managing the production schedule for all of our client requests and orders.

In her down time, Danielle enjoys entertaining with friends and playing a part in her kids sporting activities.


Tina Li | Accountant

Tina Li copy

Tina has been a part of The Camerons Group for the past 7 years and her proudest achievement so far is the efficiency improvements she has implemented within the Accounts Department.

Outside of work hours Tina loves to indulge in bush walking, dancing and travelling.



 Subi Juneja | Operations Manager

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Subi is relatively new to the company, yet in his time as Operations Manager he has managed to improve delivery and cost KPI’s by an amazing 30%.

With interests in healing, acupuncture, and yoga, Subi manages to keep himself busy outside of work hours too.