Why direct marketing is on the increase for small business

Print mail is one of the most effective ways for your brand to get in touch with your customers. The correct direct marketing plan will enable your business the ability to raise brand awareness, increase sales, and grow your database contacts.

Direct mail enter’s the individuals home and is consumed on a one-to-one basis. This allows your customer much more time to take in the details of your print marketing, in an engaging and relaxed environment. With so much marketing being pushed out to consumers through digital channels, many more people are enjoying that trip back to the mail box to see what goodies are inside.

Here are four major reasons why print works so well:

Awakens the senses

The touch and feel of any direct marketing object in the hands of your consumers adds a further dimension to the brand experience. The professional look and quality of the envelope or packaging gives a sense of value to the mailing experience.

Targets your customer

For a higher rate of response, direct marketing works best when it’s made relevant for the recipient. As an example, tailor-made packaging and targeted content which appeals directly to the consumer has a higher opening rate than no-targeted mail. This strengthens the relationship between brands and their customers, with new digital printing technology making personalisation even easier.

Increases the rate of response

The most likely form of communication to get a response from a customer is direct mail; with the cost of every response measured with accuracy. Print marketing is more likely to hang around and provide a constant reminder of your brand and products in your consumers homes, acting as a driver to your other media platforms like your website.

Don’t forget to get creative

Our printing technology today allows for direct mail which is unique, and can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes. When you add a valuable element of surprise like a voucher or provide a physical interaction with the customer by getting them to construct or play with something, it will stay in the memory, and household, much longer.

With all these opportunities to grab your customer’s attention, it’s clear that direct mail is one of the most versatile marketing mediums available, one whose power can only be boosted by the emergence of new technology and creative thinking.