Why use print media in your marketing strategy?

There is no doubt we are in the digital age, and with technology growing at such a fast rate, the phrase ‘print is dead’ can be heard far and wide.

But the truth is, print is not dead. It is in fact thriving, and increasing alongside digital media. And here is why.

1. Mail is exciting

Going to the letterbox and finding mail is now more exciting for consumers than receiving an email. Print marketing is much more attention grabbing than it was in the past. You will find there is less competition with most businesses choosing only to send e-newsletters to their database as a cost saving option. Sale notifications are posted via social media channels or only available to those who register their email on the website.

2. Green is in

Can you believe that print is actually a greener option? It is the only medium that produces a one-time carbon footprint. Think about it, once you print something it is no longer going to use any more carbon energy. Other forms of media will require energy every time it is viewed from a media device.

3. Print is physical

Everyone just loves ‘thud’ value. Thud value is that feeling you get when you drop a magazine, newspaper or stack of envelopes down on the kitchen table or office desk. We crave it. And whilst we can scroll or flick past articles quite quickly on our phones or tablets, tangible print items in our homes can stick around for some time and be viewed all year round.

4. You can ‘unplug’

We are experiencing such a high rate of technology based communication that there is a major move to unplug, or disconnect, from all of the technology that surrounds us. Enter a relaxing Sunday afternoon reading a magazine, or paper, with your drink of choice as you enjoy the quiet.

5. Print + Digital = Gold

Integration of print mail marketing alongside a digital promotion campaign will create your strongest marketing strategy. This will drive your target market to your website and sales events to take advantage of your offerings, producing more effective results than digital alone.

Whilst marketing to your customers comes in all forms, using print marketing plays an important role in connecting with your potential customers.

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