6 Ways To Get The Direct Marketing Response You Want

Like anything in business, you need to start with an objective, then devise a strategy and plan out how you’re going to action it.

It is easy to say you are going to go ahead with a direct mail campaign, whip something up and send it on out, but if there isn’t a specific objective attached to it, your strategy will be too broad and it will be hard to measure how effective it is.

Ask yourself – How do you want your customers (current, potential or new) to respond to your campaign?

Do you want them to buy something, sign up to something, share something, or share information? The answer will then dictate your strategy.

Here are 6 tips that will give your campaign the desired effect.


Call to action

Yes, it’s a sales buzzword/phrase but it works. Put a clear call to action on your marketing piece and it becomes very difficult for the customer to ignore or misinterpret the direct mail document they receive. Be clear and directive. Make it easy for them with the Call to Action incorporated into the marketing piece. For example our Four Page Flyer Replier offers exactly that option.


Stand out from the crowd

Standing out from the letterbox crowd is easy with the creative direct mail options available to you now. Consistent branding, eye-catching graphics and great colours can mean the difference between a customer reading about your product or service or popping it straight into the bin. Something as simple and cost effective as a Full Colour envelope is a way to get the right response from your customer.


Single purpose

Don’t ask your customer to do too much. Choose one call to action and make it simple. Anything confusing or involving multiple steps takes up time for your target customer and increases the chance that they will put your advertisement straight in the ‘too hard basket’.


Make it easy for them to find you

Have all your contact details on the information piece. Your website, phone number, email, physical address and social media – allow your clients to connect with you the way they prefer. Some may want to speak with a real person over the phone, others might research you via your website before they decide to trust you and make the next move in the sales process. Making it easy for your customers to find you helps the customer build a sense of openness about your business.


Be tenacious

Recognise that a direct mail campaign is part of an overall marketing plan. Your potential customers need 7 touchpoints to build trust in your brand before they purchase from you. This can be a mixture of contact such as email marketing, direct mail, social media posts and more. So be tenacious. Be consistent with your branding and the design of your overall marketing campaign so that your logo, colours palette and branding becomes easy to remember.


Match the campaign to the customer

This is a simple strategy that has been proven to increase response rates. It’s not rocket science but quite often is overlooked. You have a special offer for your customers? Think about EXACTLY what type of customer would like that offer. Is it ALL of them? Everyone on your mailing list? Or one type of customer profile on your mailing list?

Are you a travel company wanting to promote a special rate available at a family-style resort in Fiji? Kids under 12 eat and stay free. Make sure that only goes to the people on your mailing list you know have families or even better, kids under 12! Better response rates + less waste = better bottom line.

Yes, it does mean you have to keep your eye on the ball with your mailing list, gathering and managing accurate customer information but it’s absolutely worth it to get the response YOU want.

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10 ways to increase brand awareness for your business

Do you want your business to be seen in today’s day and age? Well, it is all about targeting your audience and capturing their attention. But, then how do you convert this into sales?

Follow these tips to improve branding awareness for your business and start to see your client list evolve.

1. Optimise your website for your target market.

Ensuring your website is optimised for search engines should be one of the first things you check. Make sure you research keywords and insert them into your pages to drive traffic to your business online.

2. Your website should be your ‘home’ of branding.

Once your potential clients act on your marketing campaign whether it be from print or online, they will connect with your website next. Having your website as the hub for your brand marketing is the most important step you will take.

3. Use the same logo, colours and fonts in all future marketing media.

Consistency is key. Streamline all of your marketing materials by using consistent branding across all platforms. This will allow your target market to recognise you instantly, whichever way they connect with you.

4. Tell your story – why you are in business and how your business came to be.

Your clients and customers want to know who you are, why you do what you do, and how you came into business. They want to like you, and be able to trust you. Your market needs to meet the person behind the brand, before they will buy what you are promoting.

5. Make sure you work to keep your name in front of your market.

‘Out of sight, out of mind’, right? This also applies in business. If your market can’t see you or your brand on a regular basis, you won’t be at the forefront of their mind when it comes to needing your services.

6. Provide hints & tips for the clients on your database.

Send newsletters with helpful information through to your database either in print or via email. Keep in regular touch with your potential clients, and show them you are the key person in your field with expertise and knowledge.

7. Increase your content output.

Link your newsletter back to your website to allow your market to connect with you on several platforms. Create a blog, write articles, use this content to increase your brand awareness online as well as in print.

8. Use social media.

You can carry you brand further by using just a few social media outlets. Think about where your target market visits and target those social media outlets with your marketing.

9. Think about multiple content platforms to distribute your branding.

Have you thought about using video as a way to get your content out to your customers? Maybe podcasts would reach your market easier. With technology at our fingertips, there are endless possibilities.

10. Sponsor an event.

There is no better way to get your branding out to a wider audience than to sponsor an event. All those in the database of the event holders and any other sponsors will then see your logo in all marketing materials distributed.

Why you should build brand awareness for your business?

Building brand awareness of your business is one of the most important things you can do in order to gain new clients.

Instead of focusing on selling your products, you should focus on selling your business first. This will enable your potential customers to connect with you, and your business, before they buy. It is as simple as being consistent across all areas of your marketing and advertising, so that your potential clients will recognise your brand when they see it.

Being consistent in your branding will build a level of trust in your clients, which will give them the confidence to buy into your business.

So what should you do to ensure you are creating the right kind of brand awareness?

Repetition. Repetition. Repetition.


Repetition allows you to establish your credibility in your niche; it will establish a sense of brand familiarity; and become the first thought when a need for your type of product or service arises.

How do you build trust of your brand through repetition?

By providing content for free.

Content can be in the form of information via newsletters, blogs, articles and even ‘How to’ guides. This idea of willingly offering information to better help your customers achieve their goals, will identify your brand as an key influence within your niche.

The format that you deliver your branding in, can also allow customers to recognise you more easily. In the social online world we live in, your brand can connect with a wider audience. The ability to reach more customers through social media and online advertising, can dramatically improve brand awareness for your business in a shorter time frame.

Though you really need to work to ensure you keep your business branding in front of your market.

The phrase “Out of sight, out of mind” has never been more relevant in today’s technological society. So whilst you plan your brand awareness strategy online, make sure you follow this up with a range of offline marketing.

Never underestimate the power of an advertising flyer. A hand delivered, tangible promotion, following a planned brand marketing campaign, will reward you with a higher lead conversion rate.

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